It’s never been easier to reach your perfect audience

Discover the power of first-party data with Gathr

How it works


Define your perfect audience

Select custom attributes, including demographics, psychographics, behavioral data, purchase history, and more


Receive first party data

Based on your predefined attributes, including name and contact information


Send targeted comms to your ideal consumers

Once we deliver the data to you, you are free to reach out to consumers on your own terms

Household Income 125k+
Age 18-34
Has dry skin type
Spends $75+ on skincare every month
Lives in a major urban area in the U.S.
Has purchased vegan skincare products in the past 2 months
Has purchased eye cream in the past 2 months

It’s never been easier to reach your target audience

Target High-value customers

Target customers along specific demographics and behavioral; variables with tailored communications to get the most bang for your buck.

Activate hard-to-reach consumers

Get the data you need to target consumers efficiently and effectively - even the most difficult to reach.

Design your highest ROL initiative

No more wasted impressions. We make it easy to target the right consumer with the right message at the right time.

Now we have the perfect audience, let's talk goals..

Are you looking for
People with pets.
Sports lovers.
Coupon users.
Lives in NYC.
People with curly hair.

Having information of potential consumers that can help your brand with brand awareness, conversion....

Are you planning to collect any information from the audience?

We can also engage with our database and ask for social media posts...

We respect data privacy

All of our customers opt-in to sharing their data with us and our partner brands in exchange for rewards and promotions, including coupons, gift cards, and sweepstake entries. New changes in privacy policies make it harder to get essential information about your consumers. We streamline the process so you can get the most out of your communications.

Security is our priority

We send all data in an encrypted, password-protected file.

Everyone wants to understand their consumers better.

With Gathr, it's never been easier.

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