The Power of Influencers

The power of Influencers for brands, companies, and service providers is clear. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, “Coronavirus has accelerated that growth in 2020, and this is estimated to continue in 2021. From a mere $1.7 billion in 2016, influencer marketing is estimated to have grown to have a market size of $9.7 billion in 2020. This is expected to jump to $13.8 billion in 2021.” (Published online on Feb 8, 2022).

The marketing departments and ad agencies for the most influential brands, companies, and service providers in the world are driving the spending in the Influencer market. As the price of Influencers continues to climb, the question of worth comes into play. Is the ROI on paid influencers steadily declining? 2022 will be a telling year in the power of paid Influencers who are now commanding rates that match powerful broadcast commercial stars in the past. 

The Dawn of the Influencer 

A little more than a decade ago the concept of Influencers was embraced by ad executives and marketing departments. As social media grew it became an incarnation of word-of-mouth advertising. Word of mouth advertising has been praised by entrepreneurs and business owners for centuries. Richard Branson, the billionaire founder of Virgin Atlantic Airlines has been quoted as saying, “Free publicity and word of mouth is probably the best and cheapest form of advertising. Learn to use it to your advantage.” 

Before the term Influencer was coined as a professional position on social media companies experimented with its power. Ad managers, marketing departments, and Madison Avenue Ad Agencies contacted social media users who were growing their accounts and offered them free products and services in exchange for posted reviews. 

The advent of the paid Influencer has changed the metrics forcing companies and brands to dedicate their marketing money to buy social media influence. As the price skyrockets for paid Influencers, it’s time for companies, brands, and organizations to rethink the power of word-of-mouth advertising. 

Word of Mouth Advertising Combined with Data-Driven Metrics

Gathr is reinventing the wheel of word-of-mouth advertising for brands, companies, organizations, and service providers. It is offering FREE Memberships to consumers who are willing to receive and use free product samples and services in exchange for posted social media reviews or answering surveys. 

A detailed profile of Members allows Gathr to assemble curated free product samples and services that are specific to each member. In this way, Gathr ensures that companies, brands, organizations, and service providers reach their targeted demographics. It allows a deeper dive into the demographic breakdown of its Membership by asking relevant questions that include:

  • Social Media Usage
  • Hair type – Straight, Curly, Wavy, Kinky, Curly or Cioly
  • Hair Color – Grey, Blonde, Brown, Black, Red
  • Skin Type – with over a half dozen choices
  • Skin Tone –   With over 15 choices for Member to describe their skin tone

Questions about food preferences coupon use, family size, children, and other pertinent data that Gathr uses to curate the free sample boxes that it sends to its Members. Gathr rewards Members for participation and for more social media posts.

Gathr Works for Partner Brands

Gathr is able to provide partners with a full report with aggregated data and analysis related to consumer engagement with brands, products, or services.  Partner companies just need to tell Gathr what products they want to evaluate, and how you want to engage with the consumer-members who are selected to sample the product or service. Brands and Companies should contact Gathr today to discuss the new model of word-of-mouth Influencer advertising combined with data-driven research.