Luxury Beauty Care Products Searching for an Elusive Consumer

As high-end retailers close their brick-and-mortar doors luxury beauty care products are searching for an elusive consumer. Macy’s perfume and beauty care consultants who were considered the best in the business along with their counterparts at other retailers are slowly but steadily disappearing.

The users of fragrances and personal beauty care products could count on the salespeople at the beauty counters to show them the latest products on the market. These salespeople were knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and came armed with ample supplies of free samples.

Leading brands such as L’Oreal, Revlon, Maybelline, Estée Lauder, and Chanel were confident that the professional salespeople would represent their brands. They were willing to supply these counters and departments with free samples. They knew that the best way to persuade a consumer was by sampling the product.

Marketing in Action

These professional salespeople who were the influencers of their day were intuitively skilled at marketing. When the counters were inundated with gift-givers by non-users of the products, they still increased sales by double digits using the attraction of free samples. According to NPD, which collects point-of-sales data from over 600,000 retail locations plus e-commerce and mobile platforms, “prestige fragrance sales in the United States dropped 13% to $655.3 million in the first year of the pandemic.“ Retail analysts now must decide if this is a trend or a one-off. As more of the prestigious perfume and skincare counters are shuttered perfume and skincare associates are losing their roles in an industry that was known for consistent growth.

Marketing Fragrance, Texture, Feel and Prestige Online

Perfume and beauty care products kept a market share thanks to online sales. Like all retailers, perfume, beauty care, and skincare sales managed to survive due to e-commerce and mobile sales platforms.

The challenge for the stalwarts of the industry along with startups, indie, and crowd-funded introductions is how to market a fragrance, skincare, or beauty product to consumers who cannot smell, touch, or experience the product.

Words alone cannot describe an aroma, as it is a subjective experience. Pictures alone cannot convey the silkiness of a lotion as touch is an individual pleasure.

A New Way to Reach the Elusive Consumer

The coveted fragrance and beauty care counters are as nostalgic as the fifty cents movie ticket. Streaming has reinvented the way movies are viewed in the comfort of home.

Gathr has reinvented the free samples of fragrance and beauty care counters by reaching out to the elusive consumer. Coupled with precision demographics culled from an opt-in membership, Gathr puts curated boxes of samples for fragrance, skincare, beauty, and haircare companies directly into the hands of the elusive consumers.

Gathr works to gather precise marketing details for companies through the surveys and reviews that members offer after using the free samples they receive. Gathr members are incentivized to evaluate the free samples they receive in their curated boxes. The Gathr Marketing Team working in conjunction with the product partners decide the survey approach and the data that is gathered. It can include online reviews, live or electronic surveys, or live interviews.

Luxury beauty care products can stop searching for the elusive consumer and reach out to them directly by taking part in a Gathr curated box of free samples.