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Gathr is the newest way to sample products. Companies and Brands want you to sign up and become a feedback expert for their products. This is a FREE opt-in opportunity for those over 18 years of age to let companies and brands know what you think of their latest product introductions.

Gathr is a marketing research and data aggregator for established brands along with startups and incubator companies who want honest product evaluation. Companies may want fresh opinions on established brands already in the public domain or your ideas about upcoming additions or rebrands.

Startups and incubator companies need your opinions and ideas about products they are about to launch to the general public. This is your chance to be an influencer on the brands you use and on those that you may use in the future.

Everyone thinks it and most people say it at least under their breath, “what were they thinking when they changed my favorite ________ (fill in the blank). When picking up an unfamiliar product, how about this thought that the brand never hears, “what were they thinking, what an ugly color box, I don’t even want to try what’s inside.”

Become the Judge that Brands Hear Loud and Clear

As a free opt-in Member of Gathr you are the judge that brands want to hear loud and clear. The researchers, developers, marketing departments and ad agencies of companies and brands will be awaiting your verdict on a variety of issues. Why? As a Gathr Member, you stand for every person. The “I’d like to give them a piece of my mind” is exactly why they will send you their products, they want to hear that piece of your mind.

How To Become a FREE Member

It’s easy to sign up to be a FREE opt-in Gathr Member and start receiving curated boxes of free samples. That’s worth repeating “a box of FREE Samples,” not once, not twice but throughout the year. The contents of these curated Gathr boxes of free samples are matched to you by the information that you supply when signing up to be a Gathr Product evaluator.

After filling out the basic signup form, name, address, city, state, email, gender, birth year, selected password, and responding to an email verification, the details begin.  Log into your dashboard and start telling Gathr the nitty-gritty about you.

Details that Gathr uses to curate your box of free samples include:

  • Employment
  • Job Title
  • Industry
  • Kind of Samples you are MOST interested in, these can include:
    • Makeup
    • Skincare
    • Haircare
    • Body care
    • Fragrance
    • Grooming Tools
    • Beverages
    • Pet Supplies
    • Cleaning Supplies
    • and more, with new categories all the time
  • Social Media Usage
  • Type of hair
  • Hair color
  • Skin type
  • Skin tone
  • Dietary preferences
  • Children at home?
  • Pets

By this point, you are already judging; these people want too much info, why? The answer is simple. The MORE that Gathr knows about you, the more your FREE sample boxes can be curated with products that you actually want to try.

Get started today on your new career as a FREE product sampler, tester, judge and opinionator as a Gathr Member.