Try it Before You Buy It

Gathr puts new products and brands in your hand to try it before you buy it. Big brands, startups, incubator brands, products, services, and companies all benefit from consumer feedback. They partner with Gathr to put their products in the hands of consumers that will provide reviews and feedback based on firsthand experience.

Members of Gathr, who sign up for a free membership, receive periodic curated boxes of free samples based on their real interests. A free Gathr Membership requires that you share personal buying habits and information about yourself as a person. Working or student, vegan or not, loves makeup, hair texture, skin tone, hobbies, and more are the facts about you that Gathr needs to send a curated box of free samples with you in mind.

Use It

In return for receiving periodic free samples based on your specific interests, Gathr members are asked to engage with the products. When the Gathr box arrives with free samples from national brands, startups, and new introductions, use it.

Each Gathr box contains an assortment of free samples that match your lifestyle based on your Membership profile. A typical Gathr free sample box could contain snacks, makeup, beauty products, trial services, and more of the everyday products that match your individual preferences.

Open each free sample in the box, and use and share your feedback; that’s all you need to do to keep your Membership active with Gathr. By using the free samples in your Gathr box, you may find a new favorite brand or product.

Inside the curated Gathr Member’s box is a convenient QR code that opens up surveys, and questionnaires along with other ways to share your thoughts with brands, companies, and organizations. That’s all you have to do to keep receiving a periodic treasure chest of Gathr free samples. Use it and share it.

Share It

Companies and brands that supply free samples for the curated Gathr Member’s boxes want your opinion. They are looking for feedback from real consumers who use their products in their own homes during their everyday life, not behind a two-way mirror in a focus group.

Gathr and their partnered companies, brands, and organizations want opinionated Members who actively provide their feedback, answer surveys, and post reviews. Along with enhancing your standing as an active Gathr Member to receive more frequent curated products, companies and brands will offer discounts to purchase their products and services.

Social Media

Gathr encourages Members to take to their social media and become community influencers to share the great latest brands and products they found in a curated Gathr box. YouTubers can also make a video of the unboxing and share the Gathr experience from opening the box to trying the products.