Try it Before You Buy It

Gathr puts new products and brands in your hand to try it before you buy it. Big brands, startups, incubator brands, products, services, and companies all benefit from consumer feedback. They partner with Gathr to put their products in the hands of consumers that will provide reviews and feedback based on firsthand experience. Members of […]

The Swag Bag

The Academy Awards, The Golden Globes, The American Music Awards, and an endless rollcall of awards for the entertainment industry all come with a behind the scenes gifts for the attendees. Known as swag bags these curated bags of free samples are anything but token gifts. In 2020 a Forbes magazine article estimated that the […]

Sign Up To Become a Feedback Expert For Products

Gathr is the newest way to sample products. Companies and Brands want you to sign up and become a feedback expert for their products. This is a FREE opt-in opportunity for those over 18 years of age to let companies and brands know what you think of their latest product introductions. Gathr is a marketing […]

How To Become an Influencer

The latest in curated boxed free samples allows everyone to become an influencer. Anyone can sign up for free and begin their journey as an influencer within their own community. Sample, review and engage with products, answer surveys, post on social media, and refer family and friends to earn rewards. Yes, that’s right FREE samples […]